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Hello! My name is Jenny.

Welcome to my colourful and nature inspired stitchery world!


Embroidery and I go way back together. I can remember the beginning of this love affair as clear as day.....

My class teacher holding up the peg bag that we 9 year olds were to sew and embroider...the feeling of panic that rose in reaction to this impossible task...and the absolute delight and pride that followed with the realisation that I could actually do it.

It was a BIG moment!..... and that love and sheer pleasure gained from the simple act of pulling a needle and thread has never left. :)

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In 2014, my first 4 embroidery kits were launched, born out of the desire to not only share this joy and pleasure, but also to encourage those a little hesistant to pick up a kit (which contains everything you need!) and give stitching a go. (hopefully have a 'BIG moment' of their own too! )

There was also the intention that the designs be modern and colourful and worthy of being proudly displayed in our home rather than in the overstuffed craft drawer.

Fast forward to today and you can find a variety of sewing AND embroidery kits in our shop, where old traditional skills meet fresh contemporary designs.

I'm delighted to have been interviewed by a number of magazines and blogs including Mr X stitch, Cloud craft, Home stitcher Magazine. (click here for more interviews)

Our kits have also been featured in a number of popular publications such as Simply sewing , Uppercase & Mollie Makes to name a few. (click here to see more press features)

I have also had the pleasure of working with Mollie Makes amongst others  to create sewing projects and tutorials (click here to see more project collaborations)

More exciting collaborations and features will be revealed soon!

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Never satisfied without a stitching project on the go...you can find Jenny continuing to play with stitching in a variety of ways in her personal projects, which she shares here and here.